Friday, December 3, 2010

Day 3 of the 20 Days of Christmas: Glitter Ornaments

For Day 3, I have made some of the popular glitter ornaments.  I have seen many of these made over the past couple of years, but these are the first ones that I made myself.  To make these, I used the Pledge floor wax with future shine (picture at bottom of post) and fine glitter (I used Martha Stewart and Stampendous brands) inside the glass ornaments.  You just swish around a little of the wax, empty it back out and then dump the glitter into your ornament and shake it up.  I used a paper towel to cover the top of the ornament while shaking the wax around and for the glitter as well.  Once they were coated with glitter, I used vinyl to decorate the outside and hot glued some bows to them to add a little decoration. 

The following carts were used:

M and K - Tie the Knot
Jean, Whit and Brit - Don Juan
Angel - Christmas Solutions
Joy - Winter Woodland
Snowflake - Designer's Calendar
Smiley Face - Graphically Speaking

This is the floor wax that I used to coat the inside of the ornament before applying the glitter.

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Besthobbyeva said...

These are adorable. Kel and I made this a few years back, I do love them. I am loving the bows you put on them. That smiley face is too cute! Great job!!

motherloves3 said...

I have seen these and I am glad to see how to make them. They look great.

*Angela* said...

I need to make these! I keep seeing them and I love the way they look!

Angi Barrs said...

The Smiley Face one is adorable. Love them.

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

These are super cute, love the smiley face!

Nicole said...

Love making these! Love the idea of hot glueing the bow. Didn't think of that! Now I have to do more! LOL

LesleyfromWI said...

I just made the glitter ornaments also. I just received my white vinyl yesterday in the mail as I want to add snowflakes, etc on them. Yours turned out perfect. Thanks for sharing.

Ldybg93 said...

Oh, I was thinking about doing a smiley face ornament for a few girls I work with..yours came out so great! I'm totally going to do it. Thanks for sharing all the great ideas. I love visiting your blog. (:|:) Ldybg93

Heather~sheaaa6 said...

These are sweetly gorgeous! =] So cool that you can use pledge! Can't wait to try these!! !=]