Sunday, January 17, 2010

Elvis Paper Doll

This was made with the Everyday Paper Dolls cartridge for the Cricut Cropping with the Stars Contest.
Here are the full instructions with page numbers and everything if anybody is interested in making one. (These are the instructions I included with my entry) He is made completely with Everyday Paper Dolls.

You will first need to make the following cuts on the Everday Paper Dolls Cartridge: Page 28 - Body with Blackout feature, cut twice in beige cardstock at size 9 Page 28 - Acc 1 (sideways head) cut once in beige cardstock at size 3 1/4. Page 56 - Racer outfit with blackout feature cut in white cardstock at size 5 1/2. (I cut this twice and put one on the back of the body for added stability) Page 42 - Rainhat with blackout feature and shift cut in white cardstock at size 2. (This will be used for the collar) Page 64- Acc 1 shoes cut in black cardstock at size 1. (I also cut these twice and add to back for extra stability) Page 60- Headwear for Doctor cut in Black at size 2. Page 61- Headwear for nurse cut in black at size 2 1/4. You will need to cut this hair in half at the line made by your cricut. This will be used for the sideburn. Page 56- Racer Acc 1 shift (sunglasses) cut at size 3/4 once in black and once in yellow. You will now cut the glasses in half, then use an exacto blade to cut the center out of the yellow glasses, now attach this over your black glasses to make rims. Page 44- Rocker Acc 2 shift (microphone) cut in black at size 3. You will need to cut the cord off of the microphone.
Now that you have all of your cuts, it is time to assemble your Elvis. I use a zig glue pen to attach all of my cuts. Begin by taking your two bodies out. You will need to pick one body to be your main base. Remove both ears and the hand at his wrist from this body. Now take the second body and cut his entire arm off. You will glue this to the main body where you removed the hand in an upward direction. This will give your paperdoll the appearance of singing. Once the hand is attached, draw palm lines on it with a black art marker and attach the microphone to the top of the hand. You will want to embellish your microphone with a silver glitter marker and make black lines over the silver to make it look more realistic. Now you will need to get your sideways head that was cut. You want to line up the hair and sideburn on the face first before glueing anything down. Once they are lined up how you like them, you can trace them with a pencil and then put down your glue to make sure they are put on exactly where you wanted. You will need to first attach the sideburn and then attach the main hair. Make sure you position the main hair piece in a sideways manner to give the famous Elvis hairstyle. Once these are attached, you can draw an ear in between the sideburn and hair on the side of the face. Nove you will need to get the sunglasses that you already cut in half and attach them to the face. Once they are attached, you can embellish the rims with a yellow glitter marker, then add mini rhinestone stickers, and use your white opaque marker to give an accent on the side of the shades. Now you are ready to glue this completed head to your body. Once attached, you will need to use an exacto knife and remove the blackout body from behind the open mouth of the new head. Next, it is time to attach the shoes first and then attach the outfit. The outfit does not have to be cut or modified, it will still fit over the alteration made for the arm to be facing up. (I attach a pair of shoes and outfit to the back of the paperdoll also to give extra stability). Now take the rain hat that was cut, turn it upside down and attach it to the back of the doll so that it shows over the neck, this will be the collar for his outfit.
Now your doll is fully assembled and you just need to embellish the outfit. Use an opaque white marker to make an accent on the tip of shoes to give them the appearance of a shine. For the outfit, the jumpsuit outline was handdrawn with a pencil and then traced in a black art marker, and finally filled in with a yellow glitter marker. Once filled in, I embellished it with mini rhinestone stickers. The yellow glitter marker and rhinestones were also added to the sleeves and pants legs. The color was trimmed with the yellow glitter marker. Next the yellow glitter marker was used to make rings and rhinestones added for his diamonds. I wanted to use a good bit of rhinestones, because Elvis always wore very flashy outfits and I wanted to capture that. For the triangular section at the top of jumpsuit, I hand cut a piece from the cardstock that was used for the body to fit in there to give the skin color for where his jumpsuit was open.
Now you have a completed Elvis paperdoll that could be used on a layout, as a wall decoration, party decoration or for any Elvis fan. You can also decorate this Elvis in many other of his costumes by using the same cuts in different colors and just embellishing differently also.


Cokie Pop Paper Boutique said...

So cute. Love it. Thanks for joining us over at Fantabulous Cricut

ashjoy said...

Omigosh! That is just a perfect Elvis. Cuter than the real thing! Thanks for playing along at Fantabulous Cricut!

Val said...

Your Elvis is so creative!! Hunka hunka cute! Thanks for playing along over at FCCB:)

Robin's Creative Cottage said...

Hey Elvis.... awesome job Jean!

Lori (THCEO) said...

This is AWESOME!!!! LOVE this did fabulous work! :)