Saturday, November 27, 2010

More of Last Year's Christmas Projects

We are getting really close to the 20 days of Christmas, so I have a few more of last year's projects to share with you while you wait.

First up, I made these little Reindeer Noses Bags.  The sentiment is computer generated and the reindeer is a little wooden shape from Michaels.  The bag is filled with red hots.  The little poem reads:
I wanted the perfect gift for you,
But couldn't decide just what to do
I almost sent you a dozen roses,
Instead, here's a bag of reindeer noses

Next, I have a cute little gift that we made for the lunchroom ladies at Kaylee's school.  These were kitchen whisks that we bought on sale and then filled the inside with hershey kisses.  Then, wrapped them in cellophane bags and added a little computer generated tag that says: We whisk you a Merry Kissmas!
Next, here are some ornaments that I made out of measuring spoons of all things.  Just painted the base brown, used paint pens to add the little faces and then added a ribbon through the hole at the top. I hot glued a little bow to them also.

Last year, I also made this Christmas plate out of a regular little serving tray that I found at Old Time Pottery.  It was marked down to like 40cents, and I thought okay this can be altered.  I used A Child's Year and cut the image out of vinyl.  Then, the wording was hand painted (by hubby) with blue paint and a tiny paint brush. 
Finally, the last project I have to share from last year are some little binder clips I made as gifts.  They are simply covered in patterned paper and then I added some stickers to embellish them.  These are great to hold up notes and pictures. I also think they would be cute to give with a recipe card in them if you were giving a gift of cookies or baked goods, etc.
Well, I believe that is the last of the projects from last year that I haven't shared with you all before.  Don't forget that the 20 days of Christmas begins December 1st and I will have a new Christmas project to share with you everyday from December 1st - December 20th along with some fun giveaways as well!


PinkBlingCrafter said...

Hi Jean, super cute projects!!! Thanks for sharing:)

Val said...

Love the reindeer noses!!CUTE:)

Angi @ CokiePop said...

The reindeer noses are ADORABLE :)

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

Great projects! You are so super creative! :)

Coachfans said...

You ALWAYS have such great projects. I can not even pick a favorite since they are ALL wonderful.