Thursday, September 22, 2011

Doctor Who Inspired Block

Don't know if any of you ladies are fans of Doctor Who, but my dad has watched this forever and when I was younger I did not like it at all.  But now, me and my hubby love the new series of Doctor Who.  My sister Britney was at our house on Saturday and she caught an episode with us and is now addicted to the show as well.  She has been catching up on Netflix this week.  My mom and dad think it is so funny that we now like the show.  Anyways, since we like the Doctor so much, I thought I would make something for me and her.

I had these blocks with sayings on them that I had picked up at the thrift store to do something with.  I painted them white (it took three coats to cover the sayings up completely).  Then, I cut the Bow Ties are Cool (a quote of the doctor's) with the Ariel Black font in SCAL.  The tricky part was the doctor.  I was originally just going to hot glue a little bow tie on here, but then after playing around with an image of the doctor for a long time, I was able to get a fairly decent vector image to cut in SCAL.  It is not perfect, and with the small cut, I think I lost some of the details, but I am happy with how these turned out.

I went ahead and cut the image larger to see how it would look with all of the details and weeded properly, since the small one was kind of hard to work with and this is how that looks.  Now, to find something to put that image on, lol.

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AllieMakes! said...

Oh I LOVE it! I dont know if you caught my Doctor post back earlier this year, but we LOVE the Doctor. All of us. I grew up on it. And now my little one is a Whovian at 4 years old. That's why I made her a TARDIS dress a few months ago. ANY-Who.... I have been searching for a good vrctor for Mr. Smith. And Amy & Rory.... I would give you my daughter's trick-or-treating haul, if you would share your Who vector(s)! Seriously, last year, our neighborhood gave her 63 lbs of full size candies in less than 45 minutes! And she weighs 36 lbs.... Yes, I carried half way through.... Anyways, I will HAPPILY trade you for it!
Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! Your great posts MAKE the party!

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

These are cool! The large on cut really nice! Maybe on a canvas?

Love That Bug said...

What a great idea, for a vector image of a doctor, he sure is handsome
Hugs, Stacy

Angi @ CokiePop said... cool are these. Love those blocks. Have a happy weekend. :)

Jean said...

Thanks ladies. Allie, I sent you an email with the vector image.

Scrappin Rabbit Designs said...

Wow you are so creative! Love your idea.

Anonymous said...

Jean, how clever is this! My hubby is a big-time Whovian; we've been watching Dr. Who for years. I've been searching now for something Dr. Who to give him for Christmas. This image would look great on a card for him or a T-shirt. I don't have SCAL (I think it's a software for cutting machines), so I don't know how I could use an image like this. I've barely used my baby Cricut 2-3 times, so I'm quite a novice. Can an image like this be converted to
Word or PDF files? I enjoy your blog. Thank you for your inspiration.
Sylvia (

Jean said...

I just sent you an email. Don't think I can make it word or pdf, but I can do a bitmap or png file from SCAL if that would work.

AllieMakes! said...

Thank you SO much for sharing this file! I can't wait to use it! You are the best!
I am going to be featuring this tomorrow at the latest Making It With Allie Link Party! Be sure to come by and link up your latest and grab a featured button!