Sunday, October 23, 2011

Spook-tac-u-lar Day 23: Mr. and Mrs. Spider

Welcome back to Day 23 of the Spook-tac-u-lar Halloween Crafts.  Be sure to stop by and see what Rhonda has to share with you at when you are finished visiting here.

Today, I have two little spiders to share with you. 
The inspiration for this project came from a picture my hubby drew a few month's ago.  He is the Sales Manager of Cook's Pest Control and one of his sales men was talking to a customer about "Mr.Spider" and he thought it was funny and drew this little picture.  I saw it and wanted to make him and a girl spider as well.  Here is the picture he had drew. 

I started out with 2 stryofoam balls that were 4 inches and 2 styrofoam balls that were 3 inches and spray painted them black.  (The balls were put on skewer sticks to hold them up while being painted and drying).
Next, I used a small skewer stick and a small bit of hot glue to attach the smaller balls to the larger ones to make the spider's body.
For the legs, I used black pipe cleaners.  I took 4 of these and cut them in half.  Then, I took each half and placed it into the side of the larger ball and bent them down to make the legs.

I did this for both spiders on each side.  Once the legs were finished, I hot glued a bow to the top for the girl and I hot glued a mini top hat that came from Hobby Lobby into the arm of the boy spider and bent it up towards the head.  I also used hot glue to attach some google eyes to them.
Finally, I used a white paint pen to add a little mouth to each spider.


abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

Spooky! And so fun! I would not want to run into one of these in the dark!

Luanne said...

wow! that is super cute.
You're very talented.


Sheena said...


Eva said...

ooh my goodness how simple and oh so cute!!!
Eva :0)

Anonymous said...

How Adorable!Cute Top Hat & Bow!

Val said...

Love your spiders, they make quite the pair!

Jens Craft Corner said...

What a cute pair of spiders. It looks like they were "made" for one another. Great project!

Cricut Couple said...

OMG! With all of these great projects, I would LOVE to see your house on Halloween! I bet it's cute and spooky in every single corner! Another winner in my book!

callyannc said...

Cute little spiders! TFS Callyann