Sunday, October 30, 2011

Spook-tac-u-lar Day 30: Halloween Picture Frame Prop and Halloween Party Pictures (Pic Heavy)

Welcome to day 30 of the Spook-tac-u-lar Halloween Projects.  Be sure to stop by and see what Rhonda has to share with you today at when you are finished visiting here. 

For today, I have a cool project and a few photos from the Halloween Party to share with you.  First up, I have had a few people email me and ask me to share a picture of me and the hubby's outfits for this year.  As many of you know, we make our costumes every year.  This year, my hubby is Master Chief from the Halo video game.  I decided to be Captain America (I sewed the shirt, but you can't really see if for the shield in this pic).  Here is a picture of our costumes.  (On Halloween Day, I am going to be a zombie and let my hubby do the makeup for me, so I will share a picture of how that turns out after I do it.)
Now, for today's project, I have a Halloween Frame to share with you.  I found this large frame on clearance at Hobby Lobby, because it had a few small scratches on the sides.  I took some black acrylic paint and filled in the scratches.  Then, my husband drilled two handles from Lowes to the back so that it could be held up.  Finally, I used the Lettering Delights SVG set Costume Clubhouse to cut a ghost and two skeletons that I hot glued onto the frame.
Here are some pics of the frame being used at the party. This first pic is of my mom and my sister Britney.
This one is of my three sisters and Kaylee (who you can see is not in her costume and not wanting her picture to be taken.)

Here are a few more pics from the Halloween Party.  I have a ton more, so I am going to have some scrapbook layouts to make. :)


abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

Looks like a super fun party! Great frame!

Audrey Frelx said...

Great looking party, and I adore your handmade costumes -- unbelievable that you made them!!! Wow!!!

Love the frame and what fun it looks like it'd be to have your photo taken behind that!!!

Jens Craft Corner said...

These pictures are so much fun! Thank you for sharing them. I love the idea of the frame. That makes a really fun picture. It looks like everyone had fun at the party. Congratulations to you!

Sheena said...

Such a FUN idea!!

Running Turtle said...

Fabulous idea for a fun picture!! Love it! I may have to steal this one, provided I remember!! Thanks for sharing.. and I loved your costumes! I want to come to your party next year...and the year after...hahahha

Rhonda Emery said...

looks like everyone had a great time. I love the frame for pictures how fun. thanks jean for sharing these pictures. You are so talented

Peggy Sue said...

you guys look awesome!!! ok, so you have one month to prepare until you can do Christmas for a month! hahah one more day to drool over your halloween projects :(

Luanne said...

wow! I really loved your costumes especially your hubby's Halo costume. love that game! everyone has fun with the frames for photos.


Eva said...

What a super fun idea to take pix with the adorable frame. Love it!
Eva :0)

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