Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Blog Award

I received this award from Jen at  Thank you so much Jen.  If you haven't been to her blog before, be sure to stop by and check out all of her great projects.

Your Blog has been deemed Cricut-tastic! Wear this Badge proudly on your Blog and share it with friends! Since Cricut is 5 years old and they have an E2 out, share this award with 10 people that you think have Cricut-tastic Blogs! You also have to tell 5 Cricut Related things about yourself.

So, here are 5 Cricut-tastic things about me:

1) I got my first Cricut when they came out.  I had seen an infomercial about the Cricut and my husband bought me one for Christmas.  He was on a waiting list at Michaels to get one.
2) My mom bought me a Cricut Expression for Christmas in 2009.  Me and my sister Britney went to Walmart the day after Thanksgiving and waited to get me a black expression and her a red expression.
3) I got a Gypsy for my birthday last year in 2010 and I love it.  It is one of the things that I cannot live without.
4) I use my Cricut almost everyday that I am home.  I love coming up with ideas and looking at all of the blogs I follow for great ideas and inspiration.  I love to make things for my niece Kaylee.  I do all of her scrapbooking and make items for her school, birthday, sports, etc.
5) I only buy cartridges that are on sale or I get them off of ebay.  I have about 80 cartridges currently. 
It is so hard to pass these awards on, because I love all of my followers and all of the blogs I follow.  I wish I could pass it on to everybody.  I am passing this on to the following 10 blogs.  Be sure to stop by and check them out:

1) Tina Time
Thanks again to Jen for passing this on to me.  I will have a new project posted here later today, so be sure to stop back by for that. 


Val said...

Thanks for the bloggie award!!

Jennifer said...

Thanks so much, Jean! Glad you and your hubby are home safe and sound.

~ Jen

Jens Craft Corner said...

You are so welcome! Enjoy the award!

Charlotte said...

Thanks Jean. So glad you have power. I have just come home from Huntsville. A good friend's brother died and because there was no power there they could not have a funeral and bury him. I went to his visitation tonight at Cove Methodist. Things here in Birmingham have been so crazy since last week. I had no damage and never lost power. But my school lost power and several friends had damage to their homes and no power for a while.The destruction and loss of life is so sad.

Take care,

Kimmy-B said...

Thank you Jean for the award....what a nice compliment. I have posted it on my blog with a link back to yours. Hope life is getting back to normal for you , God Bless.

Luv Scrapping Together said...

Jean, thank you so much for the award! You are Cricut-tastic!

Saundra :)

Kate said...

Congratulations on the award - and thanks for passing it along to me!!
(Sorry I'm so late with this - but I really do appreciate it!!)