Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Power is back on

Just wanted to update everybody, my power is back on and I am back at the house.   They have said that it could possibly go out again, but so far so good.  I am trying to get everything together and trying to get back to normal here.  All of the grocery stores are pretty much bare, but I was able to get milk and some things at Sam's because they just got a new shipment in.  I am going to be working on some craft items when I get back organized and should have something to post later this week.

Also, I received a blog award and wanted to take a minute to thank the two ladies who passed it on.  I received The Versatile Blogger award from: Stacy at and from Kim at  Thank you so much ladies!! I have rec'd this award before and have previously passed it on, so if any of my followers would like to grab this, feel free. 


Love That Bug said...

You are very welcome sweetie,
Glad to hear that things are starting to get back to normal.
Many hugs

Jens Craft Corner said...

Hi! I have an award for you on my site. Please hop on over to pick it up. Congratulations!

I am glad you have your power back and were able to get some groceries. Hopefully, things will get back to normal now for you. Best of luck!

Georgiana said...

Thinking of you! I hope normalcy resumes soon.

Besthobbyeva said...

Welcome back home! Must be so crazy for you. Just glad you and your family are safe!