Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winter Layout and Snow Pictures

Well, we are still covered in snow here, so I spent the morning outside playing in it.  Got to take advantage of it, since this is very rare for us. (Some pictures of our snow are below my layout pic)  The theme for this week's challenge over at My Sheri Crafts is Winter, so it wasn't hard to get inspired for that.  Be sure to check them out here: http://myshericrafts.blogspot.com/.

I made a layout with a picture from the snow we had on Christmas Day.  The background to the picture is from Storybook, the bear is from Live Simply, and the title is from Gypsy Wanderings.  The snowflakes are buttons that I had my hubby use the dremel to remove the backs off of to make them flat.  I also used some pop dots, ribbon and a bow to embellish the page. 

Here are a few pictures from today's snow.  I made a snow turtle.
My husband made a snow Domo.  If you are unfamiliar with this, it is a little guy that we have a stuffed animal of from a cartoon.  Here is a picture of him and also I took a picture of the stuffed animal with it as well.

Then, we made a snow igloo and I had to put a little penguin beside it.
Finally, we are huge Steelers fans, so I had to make their symbol.  I used glitter and food coloring for the colors, nothing like taking your crafting supplies to the snow, lol.


abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

You guys are having to much fun!! How great are those creations!

Franky said...

so cute! domokun is my favorite!

ldybg93 said...

Glad you're enjoying the snow...it's a rare treat down here in the South! I'm in FL, so I know we won't be getting any, just some cool weather. GO STEELERS!!! Kick some Raven butt! :o)

Monica Flores said...

Oh man!!! This looks like so much fun. I wisj it would snow where I live. Right now we have really high winds!! And really cold temperatures.Brrrr. Too cute!!!

Audrey Frelx said...

How fun and way to cute!!! It's great pictures like this that reminds me how talented your DH is too!!!

Glad you guys are really enjoying the snow; we finally got snow today -- about 6 inches and more expected!

My Sheri CRAFTS said...

Those are SO fun! Our snow wasn't enough to make anything with?? Love the little turtle! Thanks for joining us this week!

P.G. Lamb said...

Wow Jean, even your hubby is crafty! :-D