Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Halloween Costume Sneak Peak (Work in Progress-Not Finished)

Halloween is a really busy time for us, because we have a big party at my mom's house, George paints pumpkins for the market, and we usually go on a big vacation around that time as well. We usually go down to Universal Studios and Disney for their Halloween Celebrations the week before, but this year we are doing a 7 day cruise to Atlantis, Bahamas and Key West in October, so we are trying to get everything finished early.

My husband has been working on his outfit since March of this year, because he is making an Iron Man costume from scratch and hand painting it. He has finished the helmet so far. This started out as paper patterns that he put together and then covered with smooth on that makes it become plastic and he then uses spactle and things to make it become hard and sturdy.

I am going to be a lego man this year, so he has started working on it as well. The head is completely finished. It is a bucket that he cut to size and cut out eye holes. There are sunglass lenses behind the eyes and then we made a little lid on the top for the top of the lego. The body has been constructed out of foam board, but we still have to paint it and finish it. Just wanted to give you guys a sneak peak of how they are coming along.


Audrey Frelx said...

That's right, I remember your hubby is a great artist and crafter himself -- you guys are going to look great!!!

Anonymous said...

My son wants to be legoman too:) Where did you get the bucket?

Jean said...

The bucket came from the Dollar Store. It was a car washing bucket and we used the dremel tool to take the bottom lip off.