Friday, August 27, 2010

Too Cute To Spook

After I made the Frankenstein layout yesterday, I was still in a Halloween mood, so I decided to make another layout. For this layout, I used the Don Juan cart for the letters in the title and I welded them together, Simply Charmed for the ghost and tombstone, and Storybook for the frame. I added some dots with a marker on the letters to make them not look so flat. I also used my white opaque pen on this one to add some accents to the tombstone. I also added some googly eyes, stickles, and a bow to the ghost and tombstone cuts and then a little bit of bling in the corners of the frame. I think this is so cute. (When I put the bow and stickles on the ghost, my hubby was coming in the room and he asked me why I had to make everything into a girl by putting bows on it, lol. He said that the ghost didn't have to be a girl, but then I told him it was a layout for Kaylee's scrapbook, so I thought it did need to be a girl. He is crazy, lol.)

1 comment:

Audrey Frelx said...

Jean, it really is too cute to spook!!!