Monday, September 6, 2010

31 Days of Horror Announcement

Every year, my husband and me do a thing we call the 31 days of horror where we watch a Halloween movie everyday for the month of October. We always double up on some days to account for the time that we are out of town in October as well. It is a big month around here with pumpkins and buckets being painted for the farmer's market and getting ready for the Halloween party as well. We have been doing this with the movies since we got married, so it is a great family tradition for us.

My hubby actually came up with the idea of me having a 31 days of horror on my blog by featuring a Halloween project everyday for the month of October. So I am going to be sharing something Halloween related every day for the month of October be it a layout, card, sign, candy related, etc. For the week that I am out of town, I won't have any posts, but I will post projects for those days when I get back to catch up.

I am also going to do some giveaways as well. So be sure to remember this if you like Halloween projects. This will begin October 1st. I will also be working on my other projects as well, so if you are not really into Halloween, I will still have other projects as well during that time.


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TKDMOM said...

Very cool do have a way to get e-mail when you post new things

Jean said...

I just added Feedburner so you can sign up to receive emails.

Kim Wilson said...

So fun! Cant wait to check it out :)

Anonymous said...

So much fun I can't wait! I signed up for emails

Diane Rollf