Friday, September 24, 2010

Do you know someone addicted to Farmtown.

First, let me start by telling you that I do not play Farmtown and I never have.  My mother loves it and is always on Facebook playing it along with many other people I know.  I just saw an update of something they had received on Farmtown and thought that I would share with you a couple of gifts that I made for the Farmtown fanatics around here.  Maybe you know some that you would like to make something like these for.

This first is a gift basket that I did for my sister's coworker.  I used Paperdoll Dress Up for the farmer girl, Animal Kingdom for the animals, the tree is from My Community and the barn with her name on it and the bottom wording are computer generated.  The basket is filled with miscellaneous goodies.  (Sorry the pic isn't so good, this was took before I replaced my ratty table, lol) The label on this one says"Farmtown Survival Kit, because you always need snacks while harvesting your crops"

The next project is a gift I made for my mom.  This is an empty 2 litter bottle that I cut the back and made a flap and then filled it with snacks and some shredded paper.  The cow is from Animal Kingdom and the label is computer generated.  It says: "Farmtown Survial Kit, because you always need snacks while harvesting your farm"

Lastly, I made this cup for my mom also.  This is one of the plastic mugs that you can open up and add your own design to the inside. This says "I am not addicted to Farmtown, I just can't clean my house right now"  This was 100% computer generated.

Well, maybe some of you ladies have some Farmtown friends that may enjoy some gifts like these.  I have a good bit of projects in the works right now, so I will be posting some layouts, etc. in the next few days.


Coachfans said...

I used to play Farmville but then I found another addiction...papercrafting. I love your piece! It is wonderful!


Rhonda Emery said...

I love your little farm there how cute. I now have your button on my blog. love the owl. hugs

Audrey Frelx said...

Your farm project is just adorable, Jean!!! You always do great projects!

Thanks too for dropping by -- always appreciate your company!

Scrappy Doo said...

That is hilarious!! I used to play Farmville on FB but it began to engulf my life. Now I am FB free... so I can let SCRAPBOOKING engulf my life.

What a wonderful idea and I'm going to share it with my Farmville friends (who are still playing).

Best Hobby Eva said...

This is hysterical. Great, great, job!!

Tammy said...

I would love to know how you made the insert for the travel mug. Half my office is FV addicts

Jean said...

Tammy, I created it in scrapbook factory software. I can email you a copy of what I used if you want to send me your email address.

Tammy said...

That would be great Jean! Thank you so much.

Jean said...

It has been sent Tammy.