Thursday, September 16, 2010

Checking In and Recipe Book (Lots of Pictures)

Just checking in. Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday and today, I have been super busy. I have been out of the house a lot, but I do have a good bit of projects in the works, just not completed. I decided to share an old project on here that I made a couple of years ago. I made 5 of these recipe books for Christmas gifts for my family the Christmas of 2008. All of the recipes are family recipes that I collected from everybody throughout the year. I created all of the pages digitally and then printed them out to create the book. I used some family pictures on some pages.

For the title of the book, I didn't just want to put family recipe book, so me and the hubby tried to come up with something unique. After thinking a little bit, my husband actually came up with the name and titles for each section that I used.

Here is the front of the book. As you can see, we went with the name: "One Word, Four Letter, GRUB" I used some recipe scrapbook paper to make the base and then printed the title onto white cardstock with a black border.

I used stickers to spell recipes down the spine of the binder.
This is the inside. It actually came out a lot thicker with more recipes than I had anticipated. However, there is still room to add more pages since it is in a binder.

The first section in the book is called Breads. I used some stickers for the measuring cup and bowl. We used the phrase"It's agaist the law not to have some" on this one, because we were thinking everybody loves bread with their meal.

Here is a sample of how some of the digitally created pages looked. I used the Scrapbook Factory Express Software to make all of these pages. Some of the picture used were ones I took of the foods after cooking them and some came from digital images.

For Main Dishes, we went with "Ditch the belt, no diets allowed!". I used a sticker of a chef's hat on this one.
Here are some more examples of a few pages. Here you can see how I used the family pictures in some of the layouts as well as digital images.

This is a page that I made with my grandfather that has passed aways favorite things to eat. I thought it would be nice to include him in the book as well, since he had specific things that he would always have.
Side Dishes has a little oven mitt sticker and we said "Don't be shy!". My hubby was on a roll with all of the funny phrases for each section and it helped him to put his input into the book as well.

One of the funnier pages was of my mom's broccolli casserole, because we had a picture of one of the dogs eating some from a Holiday dinner. I thought this would be great to include.
Every time we get together, everybody wants me to make a Crockpot Mac N Cheese that is so yummy and cheesy, but Kaylee hates it. She always tells me that it is so yucky, so I included that as well.
My grandmother has always made oven okra, so on her page, I included pics of her with my dad and uncle and grandfather when they were younger.
I love this sweets background paper, so cute. For Desserts, we just said "You're not done yet!" and I used a mixing bowl and mixer stickers.
Here is one of the layouts that I created digitally for the desserts section with my banana pudding pie recipe.
Finally, the last section was drinks and we just said wash it down.
I love this picture of the watermelon with a hat on and it went perfect with this recipe.
I love Hot Chocolate, so I had to include some recipes for that as well.
The books took a long time to create and put together since there were so many recipes and I made 5 of them, but it was so worth it when they were finished. Everybody really loved them and they loved that we can add recipes to them later as well. Now, I need to make a few more, because I didn't make Melissa one and she has her own house now and I actually never put one together for myself either.

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Wow! What an amazing gift! You can see all the work you put into it!