Thursday, October 14, 2010

Blog Award

I recieved an email from Georgiana over at Carson's Cricut Creations blog asking if I would accept the Sweet Blogger award.  I was so honored to receive this and of course would accept it.  If you have not checked her blog out before, be sure to do so here:

I love getting blog awards, but it is always so hard to pass them on, because I want to pass them on to everybody since you all have such wonderful blogs.  I am passing this award on to the following five ladies:

1) Melissa - This is my sister and she has a fairly new blog, but she has great ideas for cookies and baking and also some crafts here and there as well, so I want to share this award with her.  You can find her blog here:

2)Val -

3)Angi -

4)Both of the ladies over at Serenity Scrappers -

5)Dardi -

Thanks again to Georgiana for this award and be sure to stop by these five blogs for great ideas if you get a chance. 


Coachfans said...


Georgiana : )

DtsArt said...

Congratulations and Thanks so much Jean. You know how much I love your blog!

Best Hobby Eva said...

Congratulations on the award and thank you, thank you so much. It is such an honor you think of Kel and I!! We love your blog! Look forward to seeing what you have each day!! Thanks again!! I will be sure to check out the other ladies you listed!

Angi @ CokiePop said...

You deserve the award and thank you so much Jean. You are a sweetie. Love your wonderful creations:)

Beckie W said...

Congratualtions.....what a great honor.

Kel said...

THANKS SO MUCH for this award!! And congrats on you getting it from Georgiana. You both have sweet blogs and deserve this.. Me and Laurie are so exicited you passed it on to us in the company of Val, Dardi, Melissa and Angi. Thanks again!

Celeste B. said...

YEAH! Congrats!!! You deserve this sweet award! :)