Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day 13 of Halloween Projects: Game Signs

I made all of these signs for the games that we are going to have at Kaylee's Halloween party this year.  These are all made on foam board. 

The first sign is for the Graveyard Walk. This is our version of a cakewalk, but we have tombstones that you walk around with numbers on them.  I used the October 31st cart to cut the hand and used fit to page for the size.  I added details to the hand with a black marker.  The cupcake that is in the hand is from the Doodlecharms cart.  The Font I used on this one and the tombstones are from Happy Hauntings. The dirt around the arm was hand cut.  I used candy bar names on the tombstones since it is for a cake walk.

The second sign is Go Fish.  The letters were hand drawn and colored in with a prismacolor marker.  All of the fish are from the Animal Kingdom cart and I used the Paperdoll Dress Up Cart to cut the accessories for them so they could be dressed up.  We have a fireman fish, cowboy fish, pirate fish, witch fish, nurse fish, and a clown fish.

The third game sign is Pick Up Ducks.  The letters on this sign were also hand drawn and colored in with prismacolor markers.  The ducks are from the Doodlecharms cart.  To dress up the ducks, I used the Paper Doll Dress Up cart to cut the accessories for the Indian, Witch and the Pirate.  I hand drew and cut the hair for Frankenstein, the hair and fang for Dracula and I hand drew the lines for the Mummy duck also.
The fourth game sign is for the Lollipop Tree.  This game is where you pull the suckers out of the stand and try to get the one that has the dot on the bottom.  The letters are hand drawn and were painted in by my husband.  The tree is from Paper Doll Dress Up and was cut at fit to page.  I then used Mickey and Friends to cut all of the lollipops in white and colored in the top in various colors.

The fifth sign is for Ring Toss.  Once again the letters are hand drawn and were colored in with a Prismacolor Marker.  I used Paper Doll Dress Up to cut the dressed up people and then used the O on George and Basic Shapes for the rings.

Finally, the sixth sign is the Pumpkin Toss.  The letters were hand drawn and colored in with Prismacolor Markers.  I used A Child's Year for the pumpkins on this one.


Audrey Frelx said...

How cute!!! Jean, where do you find the time?!!! LOL!

Best Hobby Eva said...

Fun, fun, fun. That hand is super creepy and I love the font as well. Good work!

Ladybug said...

Ohhhhh, that is just toooo darling!! Love it all! TFS! :-)

Lisa J said...

Such cute signs. I wish my kids were still at the age where I could make stuff for them like this. I think I might have one more year for my son so who knows.. next year the whole house might be decked out!


Celeste B. said...

How fun! I love the signs!!! I volunteered to help with our school's Halloween Fair so these are super helpful! Thanks for the ideas!!! :)

Lisa said...

I like the one that says pumpkin toss.