Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 20 of Halloween Projects: Halloween Flower Pots

For Day 20, I wanted to show you how you can take small flower pots and decorate them for Halloween.  I have made three different flower pots here: Frankenstein, Mummy and a Pumpkin.

For the mummy, I painted the entire pot white, including the bottom part which I used for the lid of these holders.  Next, I used a black paint pen to make the lines around the pot and then hot glued some google eyes on the pot.  (I also painted the inside of the pots as well)
For the Pumpkin, I painted the base of the flower pot orange and the lid green.  I used a black paint pen to add the face.  I then took one of the mini spools I have been using and painted it brown to be the stem.  I attached it to the top with hot glue.
For Frankenstien, I painted the pot green and then painted the black for the hair.  I used a paint marker for the mouth and the stitches.  I then hot glued google eyes on the face and spools on the sides for the bolts.
Here is a picture of how the insides look painted.  I filled the pot with candy and also have a picture to show you how this looks.


sucor said...

Adorable and useful! Great kid projects too.

Audrey Frelx said...

Awwwww, now these are cute!

Crafting Chick said...

I guess I will go and get the pots I just put in the bag to take to Salvation Army!Now I have a use for them!

Lisa said...

I love the eyes on the green pot.