Friday, October 8, 2010

Day 8 of Halloween Projects: Mummy Suckers (Printable Tag available at bottom of post)

For Day 8, I want to share with you some mummy suckers.  I will tell you before hand though, that these are a little time consuming with the wrapping and everything, so be prepared for that. 

For these suckers you will need:  Ribbon, Printed Tags, Scotch tape in a large and small width, Antique Linen Distress Ink, Green Acrylic Paint (I used the color Parakeet), Paint Brush, Plastic Spoons, Suckers (medium size), and a Black Paint Pen.  (The ribbon and tags are not shown in this picture)
First, you need to turn the spoon over and paint green on the top part.  This is going to be the face for your mummy.  This doesn't have to be a thick layer of paint or perfect. 
After your paint dries, turn the spoon over and use your large scotch tape to attach the sucker to the spoon.  The sucker part will be in the base of the spoon and the stick will be attached to the handle.  I used a plain medium sized sucker for these, but you could also use tootsie pops as well. 
Now, you will need to take your smaller scotch tape and wrap your spoon up to make your mummy.  You will need to wrap it around a few times at the top so that you don't see the spoon through  the tape, make sure you cover your sucker up completely, and also leave a small space not covered on the face so you can draw the eyes in later.

Once your mummy is fully wrapped, you will now need it ink it.  You will use the antique linen ink to rub over the tape to give it a little bit of an old look.  If you can't get it all over the areas you need, you can use your fingers or a q-tip to spread some ink around the tape.
When you are finished inking them, take your black paint pen and make two eyes in your green face area that you left open.  This is how your finished sucker will look on the front and the back.

To finish it up, you need to make a tag with the following saying on it and use a ribbon to attach it around the spoon.  "If you dare to unwrap this little mummy, You will find a treat that is very yummy" You can use any color ribbon to attach it.  I started using green, but ended up changing them to black because I liked it better.
I made 30 of these in all and as I said they are somewhat time consuming.  Here is a printable sheet of the tags that I made to use with these.  This sheet has 10 tags on it.  Feel free to print these to use if you would like to make some of your own. (Just click on the picture to enlarge it for printing)


Running Turtle said...

Oh, these are cute, cute, CUTE!!

Beckie W said...

these guys are so super cute!

Celeste B. said...

What a cute idea!!!! If you don't mind, I may borrow it for my little girls' kindergarten class!!! TFS! So cute!!! :)

Jean said...

No problem Celeste, I am sure they would love them.

Lisa J said...

Cute idea as usual! If I was not already making something for my son's class this would be the thing to do! TFS!