Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 19 of Halloween Projects: Ornaments

For Day 19, I have some different ornaments for Halloween to share with you.

First, I have an arrangement made with a pumpkin candle and mini ornaments.
First, you will need to get your ornaments.  For these, I bought a package of Halloween mini ornaments from Hobby Lobby.  The package I bought had 4 orange ornaments and 4 black ornaments.  I used a black paint pen to draw the pumpkin face on the orange ones and then used a q-tip dipped in orange paint to put the dots on the black ones. 
In addition to these small ornaments, you can also decorate regular sized Christmas ornaments for Halloween as well. I made three different ones to share with you, Jack Skelington, A Pumpkin and Frankenstein.
First, you need to get your clear ornaments in whatever shapes and sizes you want to use.
Next, you will take acrylic craft paint in the color you would like and put it directly into the ornament.  You can put a little in at a time and move it around until the inside is completely covered.  I used white, orange and green paint for these ornaments.
Once your ornament is covered on the inside with paint, you will need to turn it over into a small cup so that you can drain out all of the excess paint that is still inside. 
Once all of the extra paint has drained out, you can replace the top of the ornaments and you are ready to decorate them.  For Jack Skelington, I used a black paint pen to draw in the face and then attached white ribbon to hang him from.
For the pumpkin, I once again used the black paint pen to draw the face and then attached orange ribbon for him to be hung from.
For the Frankenstein, I used the black paint pen to draw his hair and his mouth, I then used the white paint pen to add his stitches to the front and back.  Next, I hot glued google eyes to his face and mini spools to the side of the ornament for the bolts.  The spools were painted with silver paint. I finally attached a black ribbon for this one to be hung up by.
These ornaments would be good if you had a Halloween Tree, they could be put on a branch, they could be added to a banner, etc.  I think they also make cute gifts to give out with Halloween treats.


sucor said...

These are great! Now I need a Halloween tree!

Audrey Frelx said...

These are fantastic!!! I love all these wonderful ideas you've come up with!

Lisa said...

I love the Frankenstein ornament.