Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

Hope everybody has had a Happy Halloween!!  I also hope you all enjoyed the 31 days of Horror!! Can't wait to do it again next year.  I am also planning some fun giveaways and projects for Christmas.  More details to come later.  Hope everybody has a great night of Trick or Treating!!


Amanda C said...

Happy Halloween!!!! I loved your 31 days of horror... I got so much inspiration! Thank you. I made your Frankenstein candy box sliders... I just put them up on my blog, not as cool as yours but the kids looooved them!! Thanks again!

Audrey Frelx said...

Jean, I had a great day, and I hope you and your family did as well!!! I have enjoyed everything you've done and your 31 days of Horror was so special -- don't know where you found the time and/or energy! LOL!!! I'll be looking forward to spending the next year with you my friend!!!

Love That Bug said...

Happy Halloween, or I hope you had a Happy Halloween, as it is now
I loved all your projects and ideas.
Thanks so much for sharing