Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Botanical Gardens Scarecrow Trail

Well, I am officially worn out.  Kaylee is out of school this week for Fall Break, so today me and her went to the Botanical Gardens because they are having their annual Scaretrow Trail.  They have different scarecrows that people have decorated and the theme this year is Hollywood, so they are all movie or tv based.  In addition to that they had some really cool haybales decorated as well.  (Apparantly that is the thing around here this year, because Kaylee went to Tate's Farm last weekend and they have decorated haybales as well)  Anyways, in addition to that they had their regular stuff and the Treehouses they had in September were still up and the butterfly house was open, so we did it all.  We spent the majority of the day walking around there and we were both tired when we finally left.

We actually took 249 pictures because they had so much stuff there, but I figured I would share just a few of them with you all.  

Here is a Marge Simpson Scarecrow they had.
 Jack Sparrow Scarecrow
 Here is ET.
 Edward Scissorhands and he had a little snail in front of him like he cut it out.
 Kaylee posed for a picture on the nature trail.
 These haybales are soda and popcorn.  How cool is this.
 Frankenstein Haybale.
 Puppy Dog Haybale.
 And the spider.  The spider was my favorite.
There were tons more! We had a great day and you all will see more pics in layouts to come when I get to scrapbooking these.


Tanya said...

Wow that looks like a really cool place :)

Melissa said...

Kaylee is a mess! Glad ya'll had fun, but wish I could of went.