Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day 5 of Halloween Projects: Mini Notebooks, Binder Clips and Jumbo Paperclips

Thanks for coming back for Day 5.  Today I have three little projects to share with you.  I have some mini notebooks, binder clips and jumbo paperclips. 

First, we have the mini notebooks.  These are small notebooks that I purchased in a pack of 3 from the Dollar Store.  I took them and layed them against some Halloween patterned paper and traced the front and back to get the sizes.  Next, I cut that out and attached it with double sided tape.  I also added a little ghost sticker to one of them to spruce it up.

The next item I have to show you are the binder clips.  I got the medium sized binder clips and once again traced out my patterned paper to fit them.  I then attached the patterned paper to the binder clip with zig glue.  To finish them off, I added some little stickers and some ribbon.  These are great to use for not only memos, but to use as a photo holder from Halloween as well.

Finally, I have Jumbo Paperclips to show you.  I used the Paper Doll Dress Up cart for the cuts on these.  I made the cuts and used white and black pens to add accents and then added some google eyes to the cuts.  I next made a blackout cut of each shape for the back of the paperclip.  The images were then attached with a super stick glue dot.  These make great bookmarks because of how large they are and they are pretty sturdy as well. 

I hope you have enjoyed all of today's projects.  These are also all items that could be made for other holidays as well so they are very versatile and they make good gifts as well.


DtsArt said...

I love notebooks! Oh those mini notebboks are cute and the binder clips came out FANTASTIC. How was Night of the Living Dead? I has been a long time since I saw that one? What movie are you watching tonight?

Jean said...

I hadn't watched it in a while either, but it was good. My hubby said it is so old that it isn't really scary anymore, lol. Anyways, tonight we are going to watch the original Friday the 13th.

Tanya said...

Love all these projects :)

Best Hobby Eva said...

Great ideas, I love them. TFT

Love That Bug said...

These are such great ideas. I love them
Thanks for sharing

Audrey Frelx said...

How adorable! Jean, you're amazing!

Running Turtle said...

Perfect! These are just so dng cute! Thanks for sharing!!!