Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I just recieved this blog award from Audrey at http://cuteandsome.blogspot.com/. I love her blog and she is a great friend, so I want to thank her for passing this award on to me and encourage you to visit her blog if you have not seen it before. She has great projects to share and you will love her blog!!

The rules in accepting this award are: you must thank the person who passed it on to you, copy award to your blog. list three (3) things you love about yourself, post a picture that you love on your blog, and pass award on to five (5) others

Again, thank you so much Audrey. I am so glad that I have gotten to know you through our blogs and love seeing your new creations.

Three things that I love about myself:
1) I love having a great family and friends around. I am blessed to know all of you.
2) I love that I am pretty easy going and can get along with most anybody.
3) I love that I have time to work on all of my scrapbooking and crafting, because it is what I love to do. :)

This is a picture that I took on the 4th of July of my husband, George and Kaylee. She also has Cloe in this pic as well. I love this pic, because Kaylee and George are both in it and she always says he is her bestest friend, so I thought this was a very cute picture of them together.

Now, I have to pass this on to 5 people. This is the hard part, because I do love all of the blogs that I visit. I have chosen these 5 because they always have great projects and I enjoy visiting them, be sure to check them out.



Cokie Pop Paper Boutique said...

Awww thanks Jean. So sweet of you to give me a blog award :)

Audrey Frelx said...

You're welcome! You work hard on your blog to please and inspire us, and you deserve it!

just2ducky said...

Super cute pic! Congrats. :)

Rhonda Emery said...

thank you jean I love my award. you are sweet to think of me. your friend

Val said...

Thanks for the blog award!! How sweet :)