Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sock Snowmen (No Sewing Needed)

I have been making these sock snowmen lately and I think they are just adorable.  I originally saw some similar to these on Then She Made and had to give them a try.  Mine are a little bit smaller than hers.  I started out to just make a couple, but I can't quit making them because they are so easy and so adorable.  I have the tutorial for how I made them to share with everybody today also.  My mom gave me the idea to make a penguin with a black sock, so I may be giving that a try soon too.
To begin with, I took a white tube sock and cut the tube part off of the top.  (You can usually find these at the $1 store, or you can also use old socks you may have if they had a hole in the foot part.)
 Now, you will need to turn the tube part inside out and use a rubber band to secure one end of the sock.  Be sure to put the rubber band around enough times that it will be a tight and secure hold.  After you have this secure, turn the sock back right side out.
When your sock is turned right side out, fill it up with polyfil pebbles and use another rubber band to secure the top of the sock.  You will also want to get this secure so you won't loose any of the filling.   
Now, for the next part you will need a pair of ankle socks.  I bought these at Target for $1.50.  They have many different colors and styles in their sock area to choose from so you can make your snowman your own.  You will need to take one sock and cut the toe and heel off.  This will be the sweater for your snowman.  On the next sock, you will need to remove the heel, this will be your hat for the snowman.  Depending on how big you want the hat to be, you can determine how far up you want to cut from the heel of the sock.
Once those socks are cut, You will need to put the sweater part over your sock and use a small bit of twine to tie it around.  This will secure the sweater on the snowman and help you shape the body also.  For the hat, You can pull it over the top of the sock and use a small amount of hot glue to attach the hat down around the top.  I tucked this hat in some to make a hem like and keep the sock from fraying also.  I then used a small bit of twin to tie up the end of the hat.  This is not required, depending on how you want your hat to look.  (I did not use any twine and made the hat a little smaller on one of my snowmen wearing a blue hat pictured above.)
After the decorative socks are attached, you are ready to add the details.  I hot glued two small buttons to the face for eyes and two small buttons on the shirt part also.  Then, I had a small carrot nose that was purchased in the Christmas section of Hobby Lobby.  I pushed this into the sock and used a dab of hot glue to secure it also.
Here is a front and side view of two of the snowmen I made. 


Love That Bug said...

These are adorable, I love the pattern you chose. I hope you and your family had a great Holiday.
Hugs, Stacy

Georgiana said...

These are WAY TOO CUTE! And the best...no sewing. I need to save this idea for my students next year. : )

Happy New Year,
Carson's Creations

Audrey Frelx said...

OMG, Jean! I used to make those years ago -- had completely forgotten about them!!!

Yours are just absolutely too cute!!! I only used one sock though, so mine were all white except for the eyes and nose I added; never thought to try colored socks to embellish -- love the idea!!!

2 Ducky said...

See what I miss when I am away? Absolutely to die for projects from you!!! These are so cute!

Besthobbyeva said...

Seriously, I just love these. I love snowmen and these are just toooo cute!! Great job!!

Can't wait to see the tutorial.


Angi said...

Must try these. Hope you had a Merry Christmas.

Cricut Couple said...

Well, leave it to Jean to take something so clever and make it so cute! Holy Cow! This is SUCH a fantastic design!!!

Jani Lewis said...

These are "snow" cute! (could not resist)

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

These are so adorable! They are the perfect solution for the odd socks I find in the laundry!